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SDS Swiss Dental Solution

Private Equity
Kreuzlingen, Switzerland
Ceramic dental implants
Since: 2023
Private Equity

SDS Swiss Dental Solutions (“SDS”) is a highly innovative and fast growing company with an extremely motivated team dedicated to the field of ceramic dental implants. Founded by the ceramics pioneer Dr. Karl Ulrich Volz, SDS is an expert in the production of ceramic implants, the provision of implant solutions made from the high-performance material zirconia to patients at the Swiss Biohealth Clinic, and the training of dentists and dental technicians in the areas of ceramic implants and biological dentistry. The metal-free ceramic dental implants improve the patient’s health and well-being and offers key medical advantages for patients and practical advantages for dentists compared to current market standard implants. Located in Kreuzlingen (Switzerland), the company employs c. 70 highly skilled workers.

With its global network and expertise, Gilde supports SDS with optimizing its operational development as well as the implementation of its international growth plans.

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Swiss Dental Solutions AG partners with Gilde Healthcare to accelerate growth in the emerging ceramic dental implant markets