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Essange Reagents

Private Equity
Amsterdam, Netherlands
In-vitro diagnostics
Since: 2022
Private Equity

Essange Reagents is an international developer and manufacturer of in-vitro diagnostics (IVD) reagents with an extensive product portfolio of hematology and immune reagents. Their high-quality standards, adhered to by a team of experts, enables the company to build long-lasting customer relationships with leading global IVD players. With its history in blood research, the company is one of the few players worldwide to be active in this niche reagents segment.

Gilde Healthcare acquired a majority share in 2022 and will assist Essange Reagents’ management team in realizing its growth and development ambitions. Through its investment, Gilde Healthcare aims to realize positive impact for its clients, patients and society by increasing the influence of complex niche hematology and immunology tests on the health of patients.

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