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Spire Health

San Francisco (CA), USA
Respiratory remote patient monitoring
Since: 2021

US-based Healthtech company providing remote patient monitoring solutions for COPD patients.

Spire Health is a connected care healthtech company that provides remote patient monitoring (RPM) solutions for patients suffering with respiratory diseases such as Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). Their low-profile Health Tags are worn imperceptibly in the patient’s clothing to continuously track key biometrics for predicting disease exacerbations and hospitalizations. This patient-centric approach encourages unparalleled compliance and delivers clinical-grade accuracy.

Paired with Spire’s AI-based predictive algorithms and clinical monitoring service, this helps enable early clinical intervention for improved patient outcomes. Gilde invested in Spire Health in 2021 to support the company’s continued commercial expansion, innovation, and evidence generation with the goal of bringing Spire RPM to more pulmonologists and patients.

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