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Inari Medical


Irvine, CA

Device therapies for venous conditions
Since: 2018

Inari has developed best-in-class technologies for the treatment of venous disease, starting with thrombectomy for Deep Vein Thrombosis and Pulmonary Embolism.  Gilde led Inari’s Series C financing in March 2018, and invested because of the large, untapped market opportunity in venous thrombo-embolism and the high quality of the management team.

Inari’s unique and proprietary designs have resulted in remarkable patient outcomes which have been well-documented by peer-reviewed literature.  The company has grown its revenues from $250,000 in Q1 of 2018 to $140 million in annual revenue in 2020.

Gilde has served on Inari’s Board of Directors and its Audit Committee since its investment in 2018. Gilde has also worked closely with Inari across a number of different areas, including reimbursement, international expansion and business development.

CEO Bill Hoffman comments, “Gilde believed in Inari at a time few other investors did.  They have been an exceptional partner to Inari as we look to expand our life-saving treating throughout the US and the world.”

Inari went public in May 2020 and has achieved a valuation in excess of $5 billion.  This has yielded a homerun return for Gilde.