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GT Medical Technologies

Tempe (AZ), USA
Radiation Therapy for patients with operable brain tumors
Since: 2023

GT Medical Technologies is a commercial stage, US-based medical device company that specializes in developing innovative products for the treatment of brain tumors.

GT has developed a product called GammaTile Therapy, which is an implantable radiation therapy for the treatment of brain tumors – a novel approach that delivers a targeted dose of radiation directly to the tumor site while minimizing damage to surrounding healthy tissue.

GT has received clearance from the FDA for the use of GammaTile Therapy in patients with newly diagnosed malignant brain tumors and recurrent brain tumors.

Gilde invested in GT Medical in 2023 to support the company’s continued commercial expansion, clinical evidence generation, and further product innovation to help the company advance the field of neuro-oncology and improve the lives of patients with brain tumors.

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