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BG Medicine


Waltham, MA, USA

Molecular Diagnostics in heart failure
Since: 2002
Exit: 2011

BG Medicine markets molecular diagnostic tests for cardiovascular diseases. BG Medicine’s lead product is the Galectin-3® test, a simple and affordable blood test that helps predict the condition of patients with chronic heart failure. Approved by the US Food and Drug Administration, the Galectin-3® test can identify heart patients that are at especially high risk of hospitalization and death.

Gilde joined BG Medicine in the Series-A investment round, when it was founded on intellectual property from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and TNO Pharma, based in the Netherlands. The company has since transitioned from a business-to-business service model to becoming a diagnostic product company and successfully listed on NASDAQ (BGMD) through an IPO in 2011.

The Galectin-3® test is sold in the United States and in Europe. In order to commercialize automated versions of the Galectin-3® test, Massachusetts-based BG Medicine has partnered with major manufacturers of diagnostic instruments, including Abbott, BioMerieux and Siemens.