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Argá Medtech

Epalinges, Switzerland
An innovative cardiac ablation system for treating cardiac arrhythmias
Since: 2024

Argá Medtech is  developing the next generation non-thermal cardiac ablation system. The system for treating atrial fibrillation (AF) uses pulsed field ablation, the energy modality of choice because of a superior safety profile. Arga has a novel catheter design and unique energy generator, allowing them to treat paroxysmal (temporary) and persistent AF with a single catheter.

AF is today a global epidemic affecting 33 million people world-wide. AF patients have a 5x greater risk of having a stroke and 3x the risk of developing Heart Failure. Arga has successfully completed a 42 patient first-in-human study and is preparing a larger clinical study for achieving FDA approval. The company was formed by industry experts, Randy Werneth and David Neale.

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