ProFibrix - Gilde Healthcare



Leiden, The Netherlands
Seatle (WA), USA

Since: 2009
Exit: 2013

ProFibrix has developed Fibrocaps™, a new tissue sealant that stops acute and severe bleeding during surgery or due to trauma injury.

Fibrocaps™ is ready-to-use and can be applied in various ways, including in sprays or bandages. Fibrocaps™ has successfully been tested and will be launched after approval in the United States and Europe, which is expected in 2015. Annual peak revenues of Fibrocaps™ are expected to surpass $300 million.

Gilde acted as lead investor in its largest financing round. The company has since strengthened the organization, advanced its product pipeline, and clinically validated Fibrocaps™. The company was acquired by The Medicines Company (NASDAQ: MDCO) in 2013.

Profibrix is located in Leiden, the Netherlands, and Seattle, Washington.

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