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Karius, Inc.

Redwood City (CA), USA
Liquid biopsy for infectious diseases
Since: 2024

Karius is a U.S.-based diagnostic company that develops and commercializes an AI-based liquid biopsy test to diagnose serious infections in immunocompromised patients and other hospitalized patients. The company is commercial in the U.S. and provides strong potential for better care at lower cost.

Based on a single blood sample, the Karius test can detect over 1,500 pathogens in a single run. The Karius test provides unique genomic insights by detecting microbial cell-free DNA circulating in the bloodstream. Advanced machine learning algorithms allow real time analysis of the data. The Karius test takes 48 hours from sending the sample to results.

In 2024, Gilde invested in Karius to scale the company’s commercial presence.

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