ADCendo - Gilde Healthcare


Copenhagen, Denmark
Antibody Drug Conjugates (ADCs)
Since: 2021

ADCendo is a Danish biopharmaceutical company developing antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs) for the treatment of cancers. ADCs are a class of highly potent biopharmaceutical drugs, composed of an antibody linked, via a chemical linker, to a biologically active drug or cytotoxic compound. ADCs combine the unique and very sensitive targeting capabilities of antibodies, with the potent effects of the conjugated cytotoxic drugs, allowing sensitive discrimination between healthy and cancer tissues. ADCendo raised a €51 million ($62 million) Series A financing to establish a pipeline of ADCs directed at novel cancer targets and to bring the lead program targeting the novel cancer target uPARAP/Endo180 to proof of concept in soft tissue sarcoma patients.