Agendia - Gilde Healthcare



Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Molecular Cancer Diagnostics
Since: 2004

Agendia markets a range of services to diagnose cancer. Agendia’s diagnostic tests predict the outcome of a common cancer treatment and help physicians to customize treatment plans. The company is at the forefront of personalized medicine.

The company’s lead test, MammaPrint®, is the first multi-gene expression test to receive market clearance by the US Food and Drug Administration. MammaPrint® is sold in Europe, the United States, South America and Asia. The test is reimbursed by all major US insurance companies.

Gilde led the first financing round after Agendia was spun out from the Dutch Cancer Institute and backed the company through all its subsequent rounds of financing. As lead investor and through its representation on the board, Gilde has actively supported Agendia’s transition from research company to fully commercial organization.