NIZO - Gilde Healthcare


Private Equity

Ede, The Netherlands

Contract Research
Since: 2016
Private Equity

NIZO is a state-of-the art, globally operating contract research organization for better food and health,. NIZO focuses on the development and application of innovative technologies for its customers in the global food industry and related markets, including plant protein transition, fermentation technologies and pilot plant facilities. Research in health and food are converging, with the pharmaceutical industry looking at effects of food components and the food sector becoming more aware of the health effects of their products. Examples of this convergence include functional foods, probiotics, nutraceuticals and clinical nutrition. With over 100 staff NIZO is continuously looking for new ways of improving food products, and at the same time quality of life. NIZO’s headquarters are in Ede, the Netherlands and the main other markets are Europe, USA, and Asia.

In the coming years, Gilde Healthcare aims to focus on accelerating NIZO’s autonomous growth and adding complimentary activities.

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