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Renée van der Ven
Business Support Manager
The Netherlands

Renée van der Ven

Business Support Manager

Renée van der Ven joined Gilde Healthcare in 2017. She is responsible for Office Management within Gilde and supports the team members of Gilde Healthcare funds in the field of project management and event management.

Prior to joining Gilde, Renée worked for 13 years at Bank of Scotland (currently Lloyds Bank), where she was responsible (until 2007) for all operational matters as an Office Manager. After that she was, as a Service Manager, responsible for Relationship Management and the linking pin between several international stakeholders and projects.

Renée has gained extensive experience in organizations such as Human Capital Group (part of Deloitte), PwC and the Nederlandse Spoorwegen.

Karthik Bolisetty

Senior Associate Healthtech
Karthik Bolisetty joined Gilde Healthcare in 2023 in the Boston office and focuses on Healthtech. Prior to joining Gilde, Karthik was on the investment team at Northpond Ventures, where he focused primarily on investments in...

Ludo Suykerbuyk

General Counsel & Compliance Officer
Ludo Suykerbuyk joined Gilde Healthcare in 2019 as legal counsel and compliance officer. His primary focus within Gilde Healthcare is to manage all the legal, regulatory and compliance related matters. Prior to joining Gilde Healthcare,...

Stacey Vrijhof

Management Assistant
Stacey Vrijhof joined Gilde Healthcare in 2023. As a Management Assistant she supports the team members of Gilde Healthcare. Before working at Gilde Healthcare, Stacey worked for an insurance company where she gained management experience....