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Ludo Suykerbuyk
General Counsel & Compliance Officer
The Netherlands

Ludo Suykerbuyk

General Counsel & Compliance Officer

Ludo Suykerbuyk joined Gilde Healthcare in 2019 as legal counsel and compliance officer. His primary focus within Gilde Healthcare is to manage all the legal, regulatory and compliance related matters.

Prior to joining Gilde Healthcare, Ludo worked over 14 years as a lawyer with reputable international law firms.

Ludo holds an LL.M. from the University of Utrecht, the Netherlands.

Dirkjan Beugelsdijk

Dirkjan Beugelsdijk joined Gilde in 2011. Dirkjan is Chief Financial Officer and Risk Officer. Dirkjan manages the support office team and is responsible for the risk management, finance & control and reporting of all Gilde...

Tanja Wouda

Management Assistant
Tanja Wouda joined Gilde Healthcare in April 2020. She supports the team members of Gilde Healthcare funds. Until 2019 Tanja has worked at Chubb, where she was responsible for Third Party management of outsourcing partners...

Paulien Schippers

Paulien Schippers joined Gilde Healthcare in 2015. Paulien is responsible for the financial administration, the preparation of reports and the management of the administrative organization of the various Gilde Healthcare entities. Prior to joining Gilde,...