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Moximed’s Implantable Knee Spring Successfully Reduces Pain and Quickly Returns Normal Function

9 oktober 2012

Clinical Data with the KineSpring® System Released

KineSpring System Highlighted at the London Knee Meeting

HAYWARD, Calif. & LONDON – KineSpring System Highlighted at the London Knee Meeting. For the millions of patients with mild to moderate knee osteoarthritis (wear), an innovative advance in knee surgery continues to demonstrate success according to patient follow up data from clinical trials. The KineSpring(R) System is an implantable medical spring that works by unloading the weight on the diseased knee joint, without making any changes to the anatomy.

Follow-up data from 100 patients pooled from multiple clinical studies showed that the KineSpring System significantly reduced osteoarthritis pain and significantly improved knee function by over 80% for patients beyond the 3 year follow-up time point. Data has now been collected from patients up to 4 years following the procedure. Typically patients had a short hospital stay (less than 2 days), were walking unaided within 2 weeks and possessed full range of movement by 3 months.

“My personal clinical experience with the KineSpring System demonstrates that in carefully selected patients with moderate medial compartment arthritis, it has provided relief of arthritic pain for up to 2 years so far,” 

noted Mr Rhys Williams, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon at Vale Healthcare, and Cardiff and Vale NHS Trust.

“Many patients with osteoarthritis, who are not candidates for joint replacement surgery due to age or activity levels, suffer from pain and a decreased quality of life,”

explained Mr Nick London, Consultant Knee Surgeon, Yorkshire Knee Clinic and Harrogate and District NHS Foundation Trust.

“By cushioning the knee from excessive load, the KineSpring System helps alleviate the pain associated with osteoarthritis allowing the patient to return to a more regular lifestyle, and delaying the need for knee replacement surgery.”

Mr London will present information on the KineSpring System and its entry into the UK medical system today at the London Knee meeting, at the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre.

“There is a significant clinical treatment need for patients suffering from knee osteoarthritis but who are not candidates for knee replacement due to age, activity, or disinclination,”

noted Kevin Sidow, President and CEO of Moximed.

“The KineSpring System addresses this need and has been benefiting patients in Australia and several European countries, including the UK, Germany, Belgium, France, and Italy. Moximed intends to increase the number of trained orthopaedic surgeons and significantly expand patient access to this revolutionary new technology for the remainder of 2012 and beyond.”

About Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis, the most common form of arthritis, is a degenerative disease affecting the hands, knees, hips, feet and spine. In the UK alone, osteoarthritis affects approximately 8.5 million people, according to Arthritis Care, with more than GBP 2.6 billion per year spent on treating this patient group. It is caused by changes in cartilage, the soft tissue that cushions and protects bone, leading to pain and changes in the shape of the joint. In knee OA, as the cartilage wears away, the bone ends may begin to rub against each other, causing severe pain. While drugs and certain cartilage repair procedures may temporarily relieve pain, they often do not treat the underlying problems that led to OA. Conversely, research suggests that if the excess stress on the joint is removed, as with the KineSpring System, pain decreases and the natural joint tissues may demonstrate some recovery.

About the KineSpring System

The KineSpring System is an innovative treatment option for patients with mild to moderate knee osteoarthritis that find conservative therapy, such as pain medication and knee braces, unsuccessful but who are not ready for full joint-altering knee surgery. The KineSpring System is implanted in the subcutaneous tissue alongside the joint to cushion the knee from excessive loading. Importantly, the KineSpring System is completely joint sparing so future treatment options are maintained.

The KineSpring System is CE marked in Europe and has been successfully implanted into more than 220 osteoarthritis patients. It is currently not available for sale in the United States.

About Moximed

Moximed(R) Inc is dedicated to improving the standard of care for patients with osteoarthritis (OA). OA, the most common form of arthritis, leads to a breakdown of the joint’s cartilage and often results in joint pain and loss of motion. OA commonly affects the knees, hips, hands, or back. Moximed is initially focused on developing minimally invasive, joint preserving solutions for patients with knee osteoarthritis. Moximed is supported by world-leading venture investors including, New Enterprise Associates (NEA), Morgenthaler Ventures, Frazier Healthcare Ventures, Gilde Healthcare Partners, GBS Venture Partners. More information can be found at

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