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Volta Medical Announces Initiation of RESTART Clinical Trial for Treatment of Repeat Atrial Fibrillation

June 22, 2023
Utrecht (The Netherlands) & Marseille (France)
  • Interventional study to evaluate long term outcomes of Volta’s AI solution-supported ablation in recurrent-AF patients who failed previous ablation
  • International, multi-center trial at 21 sites with results expected in 2025

Volta Medical, a pioneering health technology company developing artificial intelligence (AI) solutions to assist electrophysiologists in treating complex cardiac arrhythmias such as atrial fibrillation (AF), today announced initiation of Re-Ablation Using a Tailored Approach Targeting EGM-Dispersion (RESTART), an interventional clinical trial to be conducted at 16 US and 5 EU sites, evaluating the use of Volta’s AI ablation solution in recurrent-AF patients who failed previous ablations and are now undergoing Volta-supported ablation.

Volta Medical has launched the first commercially available AI decision-support software that has the capability to assist electrophysiologists in real-time during AF catheter-ablation procedures for drug resistant, persistent AF, by identifying and annotating unique abnormalities (dispersed electrograms) on 3D anatomical and electrical maps of the heart. This AI companion solution ultimately may lead to optimized catheter-ablation procedures for complex arrhythmias, including persistent AF.

The RESTART clinical trial is an international, multicenter, non-randomized interventional study evaluating outcomes in recurrent-AF patients who failed previous ablations and who are now undergoing Volta AI assisted ablation, to assess if patients will be AF-free, without antiarrhythmic drugs, 12 months after their procedure. Enrollment for the trial is set at 92 patients.

The RESTART trial adds to a robust clinical evidence roadmap that Volta has committed to demonstrate the effectiveness of their machine learning AI decision support system. The first clinical trial for Volta’s AI solution was the EV-AIFib trial, a prospective, multicenter, non- randomized, study designed to determine the feasibility and relevance of constructing standardized dispersion maps to be used as a reference to operators conducting ablation. The study demonstrated similar acute and long-term outcomes of 85 patients after ablation in regions exhibiting dispersion between a primary (expert) and satellite (novice) centers.
The company recently completed enrollment in TAILORED-AF, a randomized, controlled, international multicenter trial in 374 patients designed to determine if a tailored AI software-guided ablation strategy targeting areas of dispersion in combination with pulmonary vein isolation (PVI) is superior to a conventional anatomical ablation strategy targeting PVI alone for the treatment of persistent AF. Results are expected in 2024.

About Volta Medical
Volta Medical is a health technology company developing artificial intelligence software solutions to assist cardiac electrophysiologists during arrhythmia treatment procedures to improve clinical outcomes for patients. Founded by three physicians and a data scientist in 2016 in Marseille, Volta’s overarching goal is to improve cardiac arrhythmia management by developing state-of-the-art, data- driven medical devices trained on large databases of procedural data. The company’s first product, VX1, is a digital AI companion device and algorithm to assist cardiologists with real-time identification of specific abnormal electrograms (EGMs), known as dispersed EGMs. Its second software iteration, Volta AF-Xplorer is now cleared for use in the US and is pending CE-mark for use in the EU. For more information, visit the company’s website at www.volta-medical.com.

About Gilde Healthcare
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