About us

Gilde Healthcare

Gilde Healthcare is a specialized European healthcare investor managing two business lines: a lower mid-market buy-out fund and a venture & growth capital fund.

Gilde Healthcare's lower mid-market buy-out fund invests in profitable European healthcare services companies with a focus on the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. The portfolio consists of healthcare providers, suppliers of medical products and other service providers in the healthcare market.

Gilde Healthcare's venture & growth capital fund invests in medtech, diagnostics, digital health and therapeutics. The portfolio companies are based in Europe and North America.

Since 2001 Gilde Healthcare has raised €800 million ($1 billion) for its specialized funds.

Creating Value

Gilde Healthcare differentiates itself through its deep sector knowledge in healthcare, which has been acquired in the past 15 years. Gilde Healthcare has a network of operational partners and advisors who are top specialists in their fields of expertise. The team believes optimal value creation in healthcare is associated with improved care at lower cost.

Gilde Healthcare is actively involved in the portfolio companies. The teams provide hands-on support to its managers in designing the growth strategy and by contributing expertise in specific domains. By investing in companies with clear, achievable business models, Gilde Healthcare creates significant value for both its investors and the entrepreneurs it backs.

Investment criteria

The following investment criteria apply for the lower mid-market buy-out fund:

  • Healthcare providers, suppliers and service providers active in the healthcare market
  • Established and profitable businesses with an EBITDA between €2-15 million
  • Headquartered in Europe, preferably Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Austria or Switzerland
  • Preferably majority ownership

The venture & growth capital fund invests in the following businesses:

  • Medtech, diagnostics, digital health and therapeutics
  • Early revenue stage or advanced clinical stage
  • Equity investments of up to EUR 30 million per portfolio company
  • Europe and North America
  • Significant minority ownership