Geoffrey C. Waters

Operational Partner

Geoff Waters is the former President of Respironics’ International Division. Waters began his career at Kryptonics Inc., in 1976 where he held various positions with increasing responsibility in the areas of sales and marketing. In 1984 he joined Lifecare International as director of sales and marketing and quickly moved into the position of vice president of sales and field operations. In 1989 he was promoted to senior vice president and two years later Waters became executive vice president of Lifecare and assumed the additional responsibility for the company's engineering and manufacturing departments. He was appointed president and chief operating officer of Lifecare International in 1994. Waters played an instrumental role in preparing for the sale of Lifecare International to Respironics in 1996.

Waters earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Colorado. He obtained his MBA in accounting and finance from Regis University. He also serves as president of Colorado's Medical Device Association.