Novicare provides nursing homes the opportunity to outsource their (para) medical staff. Novicare works with multidisciplinary self-managed teams that boost the quality of the (para) medical care. Novicare treats clients with complex and chronic conditions. Novicare also offers care to people at home under its brand VitaalThuis. Finally, Novicare offers its expertise to nursing homes by providing education, interim management and consultancy.

Novicare employs geriatricians, psychologists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists and dieticians.

The services of Novicare are characterized by its expertise, transparency, well-defined products and a high involvement in the patients.

Gilde invests in Novicare to make Novicare's unique services accessible in every region of the Netherlands. In addition, Gilde will support Novicare in broadening its services.


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