uniQure is a leading gene therapy company that developed the first and only gene therapy product to receive regulatory approval in the European Union.

Gene therapy is a technique for correcting defective or missing genes that cause diseases. uniQure is primarily focused on rare genetic diseases, and will also start developing gene therapies for chronic and degenerative diseases that affect larger populations.

Gilde participated in the first financing round of uniQure, then called Amsterdam Molecular Therapeutics. The company has since advanced its product pipeline to clinical studies. Itslead drug, Glybera, was approved by the European Commission in 2012 for the treatment of a potentially life-threatening, rare metabolic disease. uniQure further licensed its European rights to Chiesi and was listed at NASDAQ (QURE) through an IPO in 2014.

uniQure is located in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and has a manufacturing facility in the United States.