Janke Dittmer


Janke Dittmer joined Gilde in 2011 as a Partner. He led Gilde’s investment in Definiens and Sapiens and represents Gilde as a member of both companies’ supervisory board.

Prior to joining, he was a Venture General Manager and Head of Business Development & Strategy within Philips’ Corporate Venturing unit in Healthcare. On top of shaping the strategy, he was responsible for selecting new investment opportunities. He also started and lead two ventures in the fields of cardiology and sepsis.

He also served as an Engagement Manager at McKinsey & Company advising leading High Tech companies on strategies for growth and strategic marketing.

Prior to this, he cofounded a Nanotech company in the Silicon Valleyafter serving as a Fellow at the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. He earned a PhD in Physics from the University of Cambridge in the UKand was a Post-Doc in Nanotechnology at the University of California, Berkeley.

He is a founder of the International Venture Club and has advised the European Commission on innovation policy.

He is a German citizen based in Gilde’s Utrecht office. At Gilde Healthcare Partners he is focusing on MedTech, Diagnostics, Digital Health and Home Healthcare businesses investments.